Bible Verse of the Day

Philippians 1:29
“For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him,”

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AYP June 2016

Grace, mercy, and peace from Christ our Lord be with you all. Amen.

I wanted to wait to write my newsletter article until the second week of my annual training and share with you what it was that we were doing for training. I was looking forward to sharing things like firing weapons at the ranges, watching the MK19 Grenade Launcher send grenades 1500 yards down a range and explode. Watching the M2 .50 Cal machine gun rip targets in half. Doing drivers training, operating every vehicle in the fleet of the 744th MP BN. I was even scheduled to get certified to operate a bus! (Lookout Larry Jones!)

Instead as many of you know, things took a bit of a turn for me. On Saturday night I received a phone call saying that one of my soldiers at the detention facility in Cuba had experienced a tragic loss. He had received a message that told him something that no parent ever wants to hear. His 4 year old daughter had died in a house fire. If that was not enough, he was also told that his wife was in a coma. What do you do with that sort of information?

I will tell you what the others in my unit did... The ran and they got me.

Now what am I supposed to do with this information? I have a bunch of people all looking to me to say something miraculous. Something that is going to make it all better. And then to do something. Something that will make all the pain go away.

Do you remember being a young child? Do you remember falling down and skinning your knee, or pinching a finger and having it hurt and you run to your mother or father, and what do they do? They kiss it and make it all better... Suddenly the tears go away, the pain lessens, and you go off running again happy go lucky.

Yea, I don't have that kind of power. I am not even sure that if I did, that I would want it. If I were to remove the pain hurt and anguish that this man and his family were feeling, it would lessen the love that they all have for them. To love, is to allow yourself to become vulnerable, to allow yourself to trust and rely upon others. To love, to truly and deeply love is to allow yourself to enter into a relationship, where you know that you can be hurt, and deeply so.

If I was to take away the pain that this family was feeling I would also be taking away the love that they have. I would be taking away memories of great joy and happiness that they now hold all that much more as cherished.

You all know that I love to run. I would get up every morning about 5 am while I was there and try to go for a run. I say try, because as you may or may not know, Denver Colorado is known as the mile high city. They are so high that the air is thinner there, there is less oxygen in the air around you, and that leaves you at times gasping for air. I didn't get to do the distances that I wanted to do, but I did go running. I had to relearn what I already knew, mainly how to breathe. But more than that I had to learn to slow down as I would run. I could not go as hard or as fast as I wanted. Isn't that true after a disaster such as this? Often those around us want us to move along, to get on with our lives. Grief is a difficult thing to understand. Some say that there are 7 stages of grief, others say that there are 12. Yet more say that grief is like a spiral, or a screw, and you can jump from one level to the next. I think that many of these concepts of grief are all correct. There are stages, and you can go from one level to the next and back again, sometimes to the dismay of those around you. Grief causes you to have to reevaluate your situation, what was and what will be.

So in answer to those that were looking for me to say something. I told them the truth, I said "this sucks!" And no truer words could ever be said... This is a situation where it just sucks, it is beyond words to describe. And Jesus knows just how we feel, as when Lazarus had died, he too knew the pain that we feel when we loose someone we love, because the Bible says that when Jesus learned of Lazarus' death it says "Jesus wept." (John 11:35). Jesus knows that this is a rotten situation. And as we are crying, Jesus is there with us crying, and supporting and consoling us. We are supported by him, and with that knowledge, trust and hope we can continue on. Yes it hurts, and that hurt never goes away, it will just get easier to deal with. There are times when we will relapse and we will be full of grief but we are indeed loved and supported by those around us, as well as by Jesus who is the Messiah, who one day will come and bring each of us to him, and we will be reunited, and those that are left behind will feel the same as we do now. But they too will be loved, supported and consoled.


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