Bible Verse of the Day

Proverbs 17:9
“Whoever would foster love covers over an offense, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.”

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AYP January 2015

Grace, mercy and peace from Christ our Lord be with you all. Amen.

Well it is over, I survived. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, all the presents, the wrapping, the shopping, the cooking. I survived it all.

But is that what we take away from the birth day of our Lord? Before it arrives, we rally to keep Christ in Christmas and to push against the commercialism that the retail stores have made the day. It’s all about family, it’s all about kindness and charity, it’s all about loving and giving to others. And you and I both know that there is something wrong with that kind of thinking— those are year-round things—to love your family, to be kind and charitable and generous to others—that’s not just for Christmas, that’s something we do all year round. But that is what we end up with the take away from this holiday. To be kind and nice and charitable.

I suppose that this is a good place to plug in with those new year resolutions. I resolve to be kinder and nicer and more charitable and generous to others. But you know... I am not sure that is the right place for these things either.... Because like the resolution to lose 5 pounds it ends up tossed to the side before we even reach Lent. Then, come Lent, we give up something for a few weeks... Only to fall back into the cycle again. And then it is trying to get in shape for the summer bathing suit season..... And, well, it begins again.

I suppose that what I would like us to do is to remember that the gift that Christ gave us is something that we have all year long, and that our gift to him can be our benevolence kindness and friendship towards others, not just during particular times of the year, but all the time. Not just because they are to us, but because Christ was for us.

Let this year be a year where we allow ourselves to get involved in more than just our own families, but our church and community as well.

Let this year be the first of many where we truly see what we all can do... Together.


Pastor Paul D. Hansen